What makes a city great?

By 2050, 70% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban environments. That’s a big number, and it’s sparked even bigger thinking here at SMART-TECH. By reimagining the role of technology and connectivity in today’s cities, we’re not only addressing current challenges, but we’re creating countless smart and sustainable solutions built for the future.

Smart parking fundamentals

Smart cities are cities where urban transportation, parking, business, and entertainment infrastructures are embraced by a unified digital world. A smart city is a place where processes run smoothly and efficiently, where the comfort of living is aligned to the intelligent decisions made by the city’s management, where revenue is increased with no impact on the environment. This is achieved through technology that encompasses the Internet of Things and city infrastructure in a single digital platform.
The smart city approach turns city life the way we used to know it — stressful, not always comfortable, full of misleading rules, regulations, and dubiously relevant procedures — into a whole new story. Smart cities are capable of delivering services to their citizens with accuracy, quality, and satisfaction levels that can hardly be imagined today. Any information or service citizens need can be captured, described, structured, pinned via geo-location, connected to payment platforms, and delivered to the screen of a smartphone or tablet.
Multi-function parking management platform
Multi-function parking management platform
Payment methods
Real-time occupancy monitoring system (on-street)
Real-time occupancy monitoring system (off-street)
Enforcement and fine-management system
Tow-tracking service
Services for customers
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    Web portal
    Parking meter
    Digital signs on-street
    Digital signs off-street
    License plate recognition

    Our blueprint for smarter parking

    Addressing the next-generation of urban challenges doesn’t mean you have to overhaul entire cities. In fact, our approach to smart parking improves resource management by adding connectivity and intelligence within existing infrastructure. We do this seamlessly through the following key principles.


    The IoT is the next big thing for urban living. A real smart parking solution needs to have a proper IoT foothold. Our smart parking platform has been designed with superb scalability to integrate different aspects of the IoT. Sensors and connected car device are a part of our smart parking system today as we build a solid base for future IoT service integration and development.


    Our Smart Parking Solution is designed to be scalable, meaning entire cities can be seamlessly connected regardless of their needs today or tomorrow.


    Transporting massive amounts of raw data through the cloud is impractical and inefficient. That’s why we’re putting more processing power and intelligence where data is transferred and received, enabling information to be more intuitive and dynamic.