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“Today, parking is about so much more than storing cars. It’s central to the
creation of livable, walkable communities. It’s about cars, bikes, mass transit,
mobility, and connecting people to places”
Shawn Conrad, CAE Executive Director International Parking Institute
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On-street parking

The digital world is here. You don't need to drive around in circles to find a free parking space. All you need is to do is launch the app.

It will allow you to locate an available parking space, get there, and pay for parking with a single tap. Integration of the most popular maps, payment methods, and solid security makes the parking process so much easier.

Off-street parking

Since our platform makes it possible to connect all the off-street objects of the city infrastructure, all of them can be delivered to you via the mobile app with exactly the same functionality as on-street parking. Now you can locate an off-street parking space, get there, and pay with a single tap.


Core objects of city infrastructure are integrated into the smart parking platform: on-street parking, off-street parking, parking meters, gas stations, carwashes, car repair, car rental, car sharing, EV charges, bicycle parking, and even hotels.

White Label

We know every city is unique. Every city has its own special challenges, needs, and opportunities.
We appreciate this and offer a tailor-made solution for your city.

Benefits of White Label App Solution:
  • Produce unique, full-featured native apps for multiple platforms
  • Upload custom city information; streamline the look and feel of your city objects across platforms
  • Comprehensive training on the platform with our product team
  • Technical support
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